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About Us

Magdalena Bay Whales is local, family-owned and operated, proudly creating lifelong memories for over 23,000 travelers during the past 40+ years. 

Since 1976, Bahía Magdalena has blessed us with the opportunity to commercially fish and guide whale watching tours. We have developed a deep understanding of and grown to cherish and honor our enduring companions, the friendly gray whales.

The Whale King, Magdalena Bay Whales

The Whale King

You will have the unique privilege to journey through the breathtaking, deep blue waters of Bahía Magdalena with father Crispin M, aka the Whale Whisperer, or one of his three sons, who passionately follow in his footsteps.

Meet the Magdalena Bay Whale Team

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Adventure, Our Passion

With a positive attitude, unwavering faith, and our 40+ years of expertise, knowledge, and, most importantly, our PASSION for this work, we've established an 85% success rate in providing our clients the opportunity to touch and kiss the majestic gray whales of Baja California, Mexico.

Our Boats

Originally made for commercial fishing, able to hold up to 2,500 lbs, providing a smooth ride. Equipped with a Spot Satellite Tracker, Marine VHS Radio, life jackets and first aid kit. And years of providing many great whale watching and eco tour memories, we can get her customized to your comfort needs. It’s equipped with factory made back support and wide, comfortable, clean cushion seats. Clean ice chest with plenty of sealed bottled water, sodas, and beer, if you prefer, and lots of snacks. We limit the number of passengers we carry, in an earnest attempt to make each tour satisfying and comfortable. The good news is that it's all included in the cost.

Our Commitment to You

Our Personal Touch

We will personally make contact through email or a phone call and give you all the info, facts and tips that you must know about your Magdalena Bay Whales Adventures.

Our Personal Passion

It will be a privilege for my dad (Whale king), Capt. Marco or one of our licensed and certified guides to share our passion and knowledge about the majestic gray whales and world class Magdalena Bay. You will have a great experience, allowing us to be your experienced local guide.

Our 100% Gray Whale Sighting Guarantee

And last but not least, we will not charge you a dime (peso) until you 'SEE' a whale at a minimum of 35 meters from our boat.

Where To Find Us

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