Snorkeling With Marlin

Dare and participate live in the hunt for millions of silver sardines, as they try to escape from their sea and sky predators in Magdalena Bay, Baja California, Mexico.

In November until mid-December of each year, gigantic balls of bait congregate miles from the shoreline of the bay, creating one of the most amazing shows that the Pacific Ocean gives you. As mentioned within the main sardine predators, encounters the Striped Marlin, sea lions and occasionally whales, all of which they work as a team to the corner and push the bait balls to the surface, a situation exploited by earwigs, pelicans, and seagulls that attack from the outside launching like rockets on the Sardines as part of the food chain.

On many occasions the schools of sardines when trying to escape, such as last option to avoid being devoured, they use the body of the divers as a shield against the Marlin and other predators. At this moment the sardines are approaching more towards our bodies, for this reason we must be very attentive and prepared to live the moment when they break them with their sword and are devoured by its predator, these are the last seconds of life and struggle of the majestic sardine, which you will have to witness live.

Choose From 1 Or Multy Day Marlin & Bait Ball
Snorkeling Adventure.

Option 1 - 3 will be onboard a 29' center console sport boat, With twin outboard engines, reinforced hull, back support cushion seats & private head for a comfortable & most importantly a safe adventure.


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