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Magdalena Bay, a world of whales and wildness

For over 40 years, Magdalena Bay Whales has been a family-owned and community-operated business. We are committed to crafting your ultimate adventure, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Touch a gray whale on tour with Magdalena Bay Whales

Touch a whale and it will touch your heart!

It's the most extraordinary whale interaction on the planet, a thrilling encounter for both humans and whales. You don't want to miss this one of a kind experience.

Magdalena Bay Striped Marlin Snorkel Ocean Safari

Witness the Baja Sardine Run, embark on an ocean safari to swim alongside hunting striped marlin, sea lions, inside swirling bait balls of sardines. Join this exhilarating adventure and experience the spectacular live action.

Panoramic view over Magdalena Island Whale Comfort Camp
Magdalena Bay Bird Island

Enjoy the amazing view from the comfort of your private platform, relax and unwind after an adventurous day. Watch the sun set over the desert hills of Isla Magdalena as you conclude your day at restaurant El Mar y Tu. 

Boasting over 100 bird species that inhabit Magdalena Bay. Embark on a bird watching adventure as you explore the island's trails and sand dunes by hiking or kayaking through its waters.

Magdalena Bay Mangroves and Sand Dunes
Magdalena Bay Whales Transportation Service

Explore the largest mangrove wetland in Baja California, capturing five times more carbon than tropical rainforests. The juxtaposition of the sandy dunes and lush mangroves is a captivating show of color and texture.

Our licensed drivers provide safe and hassle-free round trip van transportation. Our skilled captains pilot exclusive boats for gray whale interaction, and offer an ocean safari 'yacht' experience for ultimate comfort and flexibility.

Plan a successful once in a lifetime nature experience in 3 EASY STEPS
We can customize your itinerary and work alongside you to make sure your adventure is as rewarding as it can be.


Arrive and Depart LAP, SJD or LTO: Select the airport that suits you best for arrival, and feel free to choose a different one for your return journey.


Touch a whale, eat, sleep, and repeat: Spend the night at Hotel Isabela and relax. Get ready for adventure. Enjoy a delicious meal and cozy up at our Island Comfort Camp.


Hit the road: Rent a car and drive or hire one of our licensed drivers to provide safe, hassle-free and comfortable round trip transportation.

Pick your arrival airport
Mag Bay Island Camp
Road to Mag Bay

Top 5 Reasons Travelers Love Us

With a positive attitude, unwavering faith, and our 40+ years of expertise, knowledge, and, most importantly, our PASSION for this work, we've established an 85% success rate in providing our clients the opportunity to touch and kiss the majestic gray whales of Baja California, Mexico.

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